as kids say it - dec 10

January, February, March
April, May, June
Then comes July
August and September
October, November and December

Our months of the year song goes like that.

Teacher: What comes after February? (children answers)

Teacher: What comes after June?
Ivy: Then teacher. April, May, June, then comes July..

as kids say it - nov 26

The school will be having a camp night tomorrow. I was orienting my kids this morning on what they will expect for tomorrow.

Teacher: We will have a bonfire tomorrow.
Xyck: What is bonfire Teacher? Are we going to burn bones?

Smart kid.

a family work

Rode on a jeepney this afternoon on my way to my tutee's house. I was amazed to learn that the teenage barker is the driver's son. And if the woman opposite me didn't talked to the boy, I wouldn't have known that she was his mother. Wow!! They all looked after each other as the guy was telling his father to look after traffic enforcers ahead of them. His mother was also thoughful as to not allow teenagers to just cling on the rail at the back. The guy as his mother was honest enough to give discount to a non-uniformed student even if the student hadn't advised her so. Great to see scenes like these once in a while.

saved by the bell stars

Peeping through pictures of Hollywood bestfriends, I happened to see a familiar face from a television show way back on my elementary years. It was the face of Mario Lopez, A. C. Slater of Save by the Bell. Was an avid viewer of this popular television sitcom. It was this show that ignited my television viewing. Though the show was for teenagers yet I enjoyed watching it. I forgot why. they were fun as well. With Screech, Lisa turtle, Jessie, Zack and Kelly. I wouldn't want to miss a single day without watching that show.

Those were the days.

as kids say it - nov 12

Teacher: Why does Xyck call you Baby Freya?
Freya: Maybe he thinks I'm cute.
Teacher: Ohw.. Are you?
Freya: (shyly) Yes.

Teacher: Why do you call her Baby Freya?
Xyck: Because she's cute. (pinching her cheeks)

Teacher: Draw man-made things.
Jules: Mermaid teacher?

Hehe.. Kids.. So cute.

as kids say it - nov 10

The preschoolers practiced their handmime presentation for the school's upcoming Christmas play at the start of our class. The first stanza contained an act that requires them to make a figure, aside from those that they can do individually. Working together to get it done. After much practice without and with the music, they got the timing and executed it nicely. So I exclaimed a big "Yehey!!" with high fives. They were jubilant as well as they give high fives also to their classmates with shouts of yehey. And Kyle shouted, "Why are we saying 'yehey'?" Hehe.. Cute kid.

Much like Marsh's "What's mutual?" scene at the L300 on our way to Baywalk on our last night at Davao City. Hehe.. Peace mar.. :)

as kids say it - nov 6

Ivy: Teacher, Dayne pushed me and I hit my waist on the wood. It hurts. (in near tears)
Dayne: I didn't mean to hurt her Teacher, we were only playing. (was apologetic)
Ivy: Dayne, my side hurts. (was half-smiling)
Dayne: (smiling and running again) Come on Ivy.

I didn't say anything. Yet they were playing again as if nothing happened.

Hahayz.. Kids..

waiting.. waiting..

I'm waiting on someone.

I'm waiting on something.

Waiting for that day.

34 days more and its vacation once again. :)

i'm back

Not from the dead. But from my trip to Quezon, Bukidnon and Davao City. Wanderer eh??!! Hehe.. If only time and resources permits, I might be in a lot of places right now. Anyway.. I'm still thankful having had this privilege to travel to places where friends resides.

Haven't been updating this site lately. No worries though, I won't be abandoning my blogspot account. Just busy with things and less topics to blog about here.

says a commuter

It was pouring hard on Friday night before our usual meeting time. When it slowed down, I rode a jeepney to my destination, went on my usual route and got down a walking distance from our agreed place. Knowing that there would be a large pool of water on the opposite side of the road after that heavy downpour so I decided to walk a distance then cross the road on the edge of the island. Going about my way when I heard screams from the other side of the road. There was an SUV who plied through the empty road and rode past the pool of water in a hurry without it hazzards and thereby splashing dirty water on the ladies walking on the other side of the road from where I walked. They were wet even when they docked and others even looked like they just got a shower with their clothes on. How would you have reacted if you saw that? Feel pity for the ladies? Get agree at the man behind the wheel for recklessly driving? Maybe so. It would have been aceptable if the car had its blinkers on cause it would mean an emergency. but no, there wasn't any. I wish they knew how it is to be splashed on with dirty water on our pants while avoiding to be wet and carefully trodding on the sidewalk. Wish they knew that our ear ache whenever they pounced on their horn to get the jeepney driver's attention that they are also using the road. I wish they'd understand that those jeepey drivers were working a clean job to feed their family instead of reprimanding them for acts they may have done also. The different attitudes of people and its status in life canreally affect how they see the people and events around them.

as kids say it - sep 15

Kyle: Lord, bless our food today and the hands that prepared them. May it give strength and punishment for our body. Amen.

as kids say it - sep 9

At the start of their class, I put flashcards of body parts in each of their desk. As they were browsing through the cards, one by one, they all exclaimed disgust. Will one of them be a nurse or a medical practitioner someday? I wonder. They're still very young anyway.

as kids say it - sept 3

Xyck was cleaning up the mat and packing up toys. When he's done, he got off his shoes, went to center of the mat and danced. Such an adorable kid.

Teacher: What part of the body do you use when you sing? (as if holding a microphone in my hand)
Choline: hands
She was also right.

Teacher: What part of the body do you use when you eat ice cream? (gesturing on holding an ice cream)
Freya: hands
She had a point as well.

Teacher: Think of an object that is in the sky, that also flies and falls.
Preschoolers: airplane, bird, airport, balloon, hot air balloon, parachute..


Kyle's prayer: Lord, take us home safely and fill our home with marbles.

Hehe.. Such an energetic, intelligent kid. We once had a tour at a local museum last week. He was the only kid throwing questions to our guide and really absorbing what our guide was showing and telling us for when we got to the bus, he was full of questions about what he saw inside the museum.

a jeepney barker's comment

The barker of the jeepney I rode in this afternoon was pissed off because traffic enforcers and a few police officers are everywhere in the city. He said it has become stricter and they can't load passengers just about anywhere and they cant overload their jeepney because it would earn them a citation ticket and suspension of their license for 3 days.

Toinx!! I wonder what the barker had in mind. I guess he doesn't like peace and security in the streets now that the city fiesta is drawing near. Oh well.. They're just making a living. Yet risking it for safety and their well-being.

the city fiesta

It's the Kagay-an festival once again. Like the previous years, I was just a spectator confined to the tube and waiting over the news on what happened to what event. This time, I want to be there in the event, even just on the sides and snap some pictures. The cultural parade, the civic military parade, and other planned event in the DVSoria. Yet when I think of the people flocking on the streets to watch the parade, I'd rather choose to stay at home and watch it from the television than be one of the crowd in the heat of the sun and miggling with sweated crowds then go to work at my designated worktime. I might even be walking from here to some place to my work if traffic would really be that worse. Anyhow, we'll see what would happen. Hope my laziness won't overpower my desire to be involve this time. It's one of the few days anyway that I won't be handling my hyperactive students. A rest from work.

gridiron gang

Sean Porter: Everybody listen up. The Gridiron is a football field. On the Gridiron, we do it my way, not your way. Your way got you here. Whatever gang you claim, whatever hood you're from, this is your hood now.

Sean Porter: Most sixteen/seventeen year old kids, they make a bad choice. Something gets broken, they screw up in class, hurt somebody's feelings, show up at the prom drunk. They get sent to the Principal office, have their car keys taken away or get grounded. Then there's kids that make a bad choice, somebody ends up shot dead in a parking lot. Those kids get sent here.

Suddenly had the desire to watch this movie again.

The "Gridiron Gang" is about making a difference, one person at a time, in small but significant ways, in the lives of troubled youths that societies the world over would just as soon ignore. Inspiration is the vital theme in the movie.

No wonder it had become one of my favorites.

the wanderer is silent..

Been quiet for days now. Been wandering to the same places over and over again and not much to share about. Nothing that catches my attention. Except for the mother of one of my tutee who can kill with her reprimands to her daughter which I don't want to hear.


got.. to.. keep.. moving..

Still hadn't finished my report, I'm not even half way to it. Can't seem to find the enthusiasm to finish my report. Not counting the distractions and all. Hahayz.. I have to finish it tonight. I will treat myself to movie marathons tomorrow if I finish all my reports to all my students tonight. What else could motivate me? Hhmmm...

music and the rain

This song is being played in my windows media player right now while it is pouring outside. Nice isn't it.

Pagmasdan ang ulan,
Unti-unting pumapatak sa mga halama't mga bulaklak
Pagmasdan ang dilim,
Unti-unting bumabalot sa buong paligid t'wing umuulan

Kasabay ng ulan bumubuhos ang 'yong ganda,
Kasabay rin ng hanging kumakanta

Maari bang huwag ka na
Sa piling ko'y lumisan pa hanggang ang hangi't ula'y tumila na

Buhos na ulan, aking mundo'y lunuring tuluyan
Tulad ng pag-agos mo,
'Di mapipigil ang puso kong nagliliyab
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

Pagmasdan ang ulan,
Unti-unting tumitila
Ikaw ri'y magpapaalam na
Maari bang minsan pa, mahagkan ka't maiduyan pa
Sakbibi ka't ulan lamang ang saksi

Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka't h'wag nang tumigil pa
Hatid mo ma'y bagyo, dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasamo
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

Maari bang minsan pa, mahagkan ka't maiduyan pa
Sakbibi ka't ulan lamang ang saksi

Buhos na ulan, aking mundo'y lunuring tuluyan
Tulad ng pag-agos mo,
'Di mapipigil ang puso kong nagliliyab
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

Minsan pa ulan bumuhos ka't h'wag nang tumigil pa
Hatid mo ma'y bagyo, dalangin ito ng puso kong sumasamo
Pag-ibig ko'y umaapaw,
Damdamin ko'y humihiyaw sa tuwa
Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka

Haha.. Sweet..

rain, oh rain

The sound of the raindrops on our roof..

The sound of the raindrops on the ground..

The sound of the raindrops on it splashes..

.. is refreshing and soothing.

A sound of relief to my ears.

A sweet music to my soul.

boring, lazy night

Soundtrip again. This time, it's Eraserheads' songs on my playlist.

Nothing beats pinoy rock, still. Hehe.. Patriotic??

- alapaap
- fill her
- fruitcake
- harana
- hard to believe
- huling el bimbo
- huwag mo nang itanong
- kailan
- kaliwete
- ligaya
- magasin
- maling akala
- minsan
- overdrive
- para sa masa
- pare ko
- poor man's grave
- sembreak
- superproxy
- tindahan ni aling nena
- torpedo
- toyang
- trip to jerusalem
- tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka
- waiting for the bus
- with a smile

Yups.. That's my list this time. Don't really mind if I could sing with some of the songs or not. I don't really mind. I just miss hearing their songs, singing to it, jamming with it, moving my head to the beat. Its seldom played on the radio these days.

manila girl - put3ska

Why do I like this song?
Why does this song always wants me to move my feet and dance with it?
What's with this song that relieves my stress?

Is it because of its lyrics?
The ska?
The rhythm of its bass guitar?

Aahhh.. I don't really know. I just like this song. Try listening to it.

random lines

"If anybody knew the real me
, they wouldn't want me around."
"It's never too late to be washed clean, no matter what choices we've made in the past."
"I gave up before giving it my all."

* * * * *

When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I've been

You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in Your arms

(no one else knows, building 429)

blog problem

So I thought my computer or my connection had a problem when I tried several times to access my other blog. I've learned from friends that they too can't open their wordpress accounts. Waahh.. What's wrong with our blogs? The only wordpress site I've opened was the latest made, youngthoughts and it was A-okay, but it carries an .org and not .com. Hahayz..

Hope it'll be okay soon. Can't wait to open my account and bloghop to my friends account and read their latest entries.

Ivy and Xyck, part 2

Imagine what would their world be when at their young age, they'd give malice to their actions and teasing.

Ivy and Xyck paired off once again and even sat beside each other. Xyck helped Ivy on their worksheets. At singing time, they grabbed each other in pairs. Once, Xyck even got angry when Dayne grabbed Ivy on one of their pairings.

Haha.. I guess its just me and my co-teacher who tinted their actions with malice.

When you see them, who wouldn't anyway when they were so sweet. Xyck opened Ivy's snack. He embraced Ivy to make sure no one grabbed her. And some.

Nah.. Its just us musing at their actions in class.


"I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.

And I just wanted to say I love him - so much."

- Paris Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson was a DADDY to his children.
King of Pop to his fans, the music industry and the world.

now its Ivy and Xyck

Freya (Ivy's friend): Teacher, I am no longer friend with Ivy.

Luchi: Ivy has a new friend already in Xyck. He hugged her a while ago. Ewww..

Haha.. These kids.

H for horse

The preschooler's letter to be learned today is H. Teacher got a horse as an example and asked a student the sound of the horse.

BJ: Rrrrrrraaaaaawwwwwrrrrrr!!!!!!! (with hand claws action)

i was worse

I had a migraine attack this morning and my sinusitis hurt as well. After my afternoon class, I asked permission to go home early to rest. But instead, after changing clothes, I grabbed my food and sat in front of this computer. Hehe..

And so I thought I was doing worse, abusing my physical body.

But.. But.. Chatted with a friend who only had biscuit and iced tea for lunch. Afterwards, she slept on their kitchen due to weariness. Hehe..

At least she had her longed wanted sleep or nap, even if its in their kitchen.

I do forget to pamper and take care of myself, not sometimes, but at all times.

i think i need an ice cream, of my favorite flavor.. ^ ^

We all do have emo moments and its not really, really an emo moment.

Just the lonely side of us, if not depressed side, surfacing and wanting to be recognized.

So it won't grow silently inside of us.

random mind

Let past be past.

What happened yesterday cannot be undone.

Cry if you like.


Fight for what you believe.

Life is beautiful.

not so much of a traveler eh..

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

she made a difference in her own way

A fellow jeepney passenger on my way home asked her kindergarten daughter to get their fare from her purse. She got 6 1-peso coins from it and passed it on to a fellow passenger. The daughter thanked the fellow passenger who got her coins and passed it on to the driver.

Everyday scene at a public utility vehicle. Yet, get this; (1) the child correctly counted and got the exact fare, she didn't cheat; (2) she didn't forget to say thank you even when it was like the fellow passenger didn't appreciate her words; and (3) she was behave in the jeepney.

Simple things yet meant big for a world full of chaos and where politeness is given little importance.

I should and I must

Still had a financial report to finish and submit tomorrow. I just hope I won't be tempted too much on internet as I have now started to linger more on the web than finish up my reports. Kind of tired also from a struggle from my student, as usual.

Hahayz.. Have to get off this net now.

my spaghetti

At 11PM, was still devouring my newly cooked spaghetti. Yummy!! Those were noodles I didn't cooked yesterday morning for our Father's Day service because my cooked pasta was not enough. And because I ate only a few of my spaghetti at lunch (it was instantly consumed), I had the craving to cook and eat the remaining noodles. This time, I added something out of my usual recipe. I put on green beans and used a different sauce. It still tasted yummy. It was consumed instantly, again, last night. Wonder when I can cook spaghetti and do or add a little twist again?

no curfew

Been with 3 of the youths last night, it was past 10PM already. Here's what we did:

Food trip at DVSoria night cafe; tempura, qwek-qwek, chicken skin, and super sweet home-made ice cream.

Then we went to the apartment, chit-chat and sound tripping outside the gate with the guitar and played some games. Passersby would look at us curiously, even vehicles who passed by. We just don't care. They still doesn't want to go home, they wanted to extend their summer break. So there we were on the street. Went home 15minutes to 1AM. Or is it 1AM already.

meet logan

Sharing this video from YouTube.

25 Beautiful One-liners

Got this from my email inbox. Thought I'd share it here.

1. Give God what's right, not what's left.
2. Man's way leads to hopeless end, God's way leads to an endless hope.
3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.
4. He who kneels before God can before anyone.
5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma, but never let him be the period.
6. Don't put a question marks where God puts a period.
7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a face-lift.
8. When praying, don't give God instructions, just report for duty.
9. Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church.
10. We don't change God's message, He changes us.
11. The church is prayer-conditioned.
12. When God ordains, He sustains.
13. WARNING: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.
14. Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.
16. Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.
17. Exercise daily. Walk with the Lord.
18. Never give the devil a ride, he will always want to drive.
19. Nothing else ruins the truth like stretching it.
20. Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.
21. He who angers you controls you.
22. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.
23. Give Satan an inch and he'll be a ruler.
24. Be ye fishers of men. You catch them and He'll clean them.
25. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

apple mango at 12am

Haha.. You may not agree with me on devouring a not so ripe apple mango at this hour. Somehow it was really tempting that I had to let Marmie open her pasalubong and ate it. My stomach's complaining now.

listening to..

Jai Ho (Indian version)

Meri Lewa by O-shen (Hawaiian reggae song)

The Show by Lenka

It sure is varied and mixed.

its good this time

Finally.. Our net connection is finally good. Had uploaded pictures of my last larag-larag on my facebook account. Hope it'll be like this.

sound tripping

Here's are the genre of my playlist:

- ska
- mellow
- duet
- pinoy rock
- alternative
- reggae


this morning at school

Overheard outside our Kinder I classroom (in vernacular):

Older bro to his younger bro: Are you afraid to go inside your room?
Younger bro just shrugged.
Older bro: Do you want me to accompany you inside?

Wow!! So sweet and thoughtful. The older brother is a Kinder II student in our school.

i wish i knew where they bought that cake..

Just eaten a delicious rainbow sponge cake. So yummy.

Back to school tomorrow.

Can't open my facebook account. Our internet service is slow, again. Haven't uploaded pictures yet.


Baby bear Sai is here!!!

bad internet service

This post box had been open for almost 2 hours already yet I could not gather up my mind on the topic I was suppose to blog here. Maybe some other time. There are just some things worth blogging and sharing to the public, while there are those also that cannot be.

Adding up to it is our bad internet connection. It is frustrating when you want to post something, composed it, then you clicked the submit button but you got a no connection window or a page loading error window and everything was being reset. Damn!! When will our Bayantel connection be back to its fast speed service like what we enjoyed years before.

at JRBorja

Standing along the street of JRBorja at Cogon while waiting for our companions, Macky and I were shocked at the sight of a 12 or 13 year old kid puffing a cigarette at 9AM in front of us. Gush.. Is the society this bad already that even a kid had mastered this act and no one could have taught him any other way? Or were his guardian practicing the same act and cannot be reliable disciplinarians to the kid? Poor children.


Gone to Cebu City the afternoon I posted my last entry. Then to town of Alegria, Cebu for our youth camp. After our camp, off to Dumaguete City for some unwinding and relaxation, in other words,strolling and lakwatsa. Back to Cebu City last night. Tonight, be off to Cagayan de Oro City. The end of summer, the end of my vacation, the end of lakwats with great companions.

Wanderer eh??

quick post

We're still here at Netopia of SM CDO waiting for our ride. We went to the airport this morning but our friend informed us that it might take a while since their is no fuel yet so we decided to board a taxi and had lunch here. Hoping naa nay lana.. Hehe..

this cold

Waahh.. I have a cold. I hope it will not worsen as I'll be off to Cebu City in an hour or two to teach swimming in the Cebu youth summer camp. Must be because of the stress the past weeks and not taking good care of my health and myself. Haha.. This should be a wake up call for me.

my mind was blank

I was on my way home tonight when unknowingly I rode a jeepney plying to a different route, it was going to the opposite direction of where I intended to go. Poor me. So instead of calling the attention of the driver to let me unboard, I decided to go on and unboard at the next barangay where I could ride a multicab again going to our place. Haha.. Whattadei!! It was my fault anyway. I didn't clearly looked at the signboard of the jeepney, no, rather, I didn't read it. Hahaha..

devouring an ice cream..

.. a kasuy mantekado espesyal flavor. YUMMY!!!!!

Guess what's the occasion..

what's on my mind right now?

Ice cream.




Seminar sponsorship.

Task to be done tonight.



Upcoming trip.


My student.

Music over the radio.


what a week!!

I didn't realized that I'm stressed until a colleague stressed the indications that I am burned-out yesterday. Why won't I be? I guess the whole staff is.

Yesterday, had a sundae at McDonald's (their free for the month through the McDo card, courtesy of McJoy), and it felt relaxing. Haha.. What's in ice cream that relaxes me?

wanderer eh??!

Just got back from my Medina trip.

I wonder, how well traveled am I? My primary job don't even demand that I go out of time. It's just for mere pleasure or because my presence is demanded that I could go out of town for days. Hmmmph..

morning itinerary

I'd be off to the town of Medina, Misamis Oriental later this morning, about 2 hours bus ride from this city. I doubt I'd get a sleep before I'd be off. Its already 4:21AM on the computer's clock and they just started with their second movie, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". I'd probably be getting a shower later when I get home, before I leave for Medina. Bad me.

summer's almost over..

.. but not for me.

It's as if I hadn't had a vacation from work.

But.. But.. The summer camp compensated for it. Incomparable.

sleepover, oh how I love these..

It's 3:32AM on my wristwatch. We finished our second planned activity, which was an Ice Breaker composed of questions and task the participant had to do. The youths are in the middle of the horror movie entitled 'Quarantine' now. I've seen these before when we first had our sleepover here at Kevinski's place so I'm not at all interested or thrilled to watch it again. I'm just observing who would shout or hide under the covers. Hehe..

Wanna know what our first planned activity is? We arrived at their village at 11PM so the residences would be sleeing soundly already or the street would be quiet. unfortunately for the first-timers, we confused them and let them locate their place with only the gate color as a clue. Haha.. How harsh of us. They finally located the place after a youth asked by-standers 30 minutes into their search. Finally.

where have all the politeness gone?

During our camp's camp-wide game, it was my practice to say 'thank you' to the campers who came into me and tried to solve the puzzle I was tasked to handle and supervise. Only a few campers/youths would respond to my 'thank yous', some would just turn their back and hurried off to the next station/task.

On my way to work yesterday, I particularly noticed a fellow commuter who addressed the motorela driver as 'tatay' and not 'manong'. Good of him to use that word.

While a high school student on vacation didn't even mind passing in between two elders talking in the pathway along Divisoria.

Where have all the youngsters' manners gone?

time check: 3:40AM

Haha.. And I'm still wide awake. Not minding the fact that I still have to work later. I should be up by 8AM and be off by 9AM. But darn!! I could adjust my time anyway.

I'm still chatting with 2 equally insomniac youths. Hehe.. But be bidding them goodnight, or shall I say good morning in a while though. I really had to hit the sack. Or I just need some smack on the head.

ice cream again

I want an ice cream.. A pint of very rocky road.

Burdened with the thought that I can do something for someone or for this group of people but I'm not doing anything. It was and always has been my job here. I could have extended my help, what's holding me back?

the last of it

The last of the camper and staff that overstayed in our place left last Monday. Though I want to feel happy about it for a successful camp, my heart tugs for the laughter and cheers of the campers.

'naa pako hangover sa camp'

Arrived CDO minutes past midnight. I still haven't slept well and rested well. Still wished it hadn't ended or hadn't left Davao City. Huhu.. I'm not like this last year. This further means that I really enjoyed our camp. I also lose my voice, as always.

insomnia kicking in

Its not restlessness or anxiety I'm experiencing the past week. It's my insomnia again. Gggrrrrr.... Bad timing. At a time like this when I need to rest and get some shut eyes. Be going to Davao City again tomorrow early morning. Hope I could be rested enough and physically prepared for the travel and Davao City agenda.

summer time

I could take a bath 4 times in a day if time permits. But nah. I could only wish so. It's sooooo hot here. Even if it rained late in the afternoon the past week. Hoping it'll not pour over Davao City next week too. =)


I slept last night at a friend's apartment since it was already minutes past 12 midnight that we finished talking about some matters over a snack. Since the moment I laid on the bed till I rose this morning, I felt like I was awake the whole time, not to mention the countless turns I made to put myself to sleep to no avail. I was aware of my surroundings, I knew that someone climbed up the stairs and entered the adjacent room, etc. Yet I am not as sleepy as I expect to be this minute, maybe later. Hehe.. Who knows? I might drowse in my class this afternoon. My bad. :)

4th and counting

Just got back from my CDO - Butuan City - San Francisco, Agusan del Sur trip. The trip was a little tiring but I had a great time with my relatives in celebration of my cousin's wedding.

San Francisco, Agusan del Sur is the 4th place I went to this month. Quite the traveler.


I think it was minutes before 5AM or is it already 5AM since light is creping inside my bedroom when I slept this morning. Woke up 8:45AM and I'm not feeling sleepy anymore. Huh?? Anxiety? Tirelessness? I don't know.. I'd probably catch some sleep later on the bus.

on the boat

It is not me to talk to strangers. But that night in the boat while waiting for it to sail from Cebu City was different. I was at the top deck looking over the city and waiting. He first commented on how late the boat left, then he started relating about his story. I didn't even believed him at first when he said that he is only 18 years old, he looks older and even speaks maturely. He was staying with his uncle in Manila before he ran away to Butuan City, to be united with the rest of his family. He was only 14 years old when he arrived at Manila and worked and became independent. His coming home to Butuan City would mean he has to find a new job or continue with his schooling. He is a smart guy, he belonged to a top section in their high school, he said. I don't know what he had in mind when He let me talk to him. I hope I did encouraged him to continue with his studies.

One thing I've learned with our conversation though is that; things aren't what they seem to be at times. We may stare blankly at the horizon but somewhere in it, a scenery could catch our interest.

indeed a man's bestfriend

I was on my way to Casa Crystalla to fetch a visiting friend for dinner when I passed by Corrales-Hayes intersection. Congestion of public jeepney, motorela and a private vehicle overtaking us and stealing the other side's lane built up in the intersection when I noticed a white street dog in the middle of the road. The dog almost got hit by the overtaking vehicle, good thing it stopped. When the vehicle successfully maneuvered through the traffic, just then, a commuter tricycle emerged from the traffic driven by a weak, old man. Ahead of the tricycle is the dog stealing glances at the driver as if guiding or guarding it, until they faded out of my sight.

Wow!! I seldom witness things like these in the streets.

these kids..

Kids nowadays are so eager to grow up, try on grown-up things, clothes and behaviors. Can't they just be kids and enjoy the liberty of it? Explore and learn some more of their age-appropriate games which they would eventually miss when they grow up. Fly kites this summer, run along the riverside, play takyang, patintero on the street, etc.There's fun being a kid and not just try to relive those days when they are grown up already. I pity girls wearing heeled sandals and shoes as they'll have difficulty running when they want to run and if they could run, it'll hurt their feet as well. I pity girls painted on make-up even just going to malls, they are beautiful and need not cover their little faces with cosmetics. I pity boys who were confined to computer games at home when they could have run around and play with their neighbors or playmates or siblings. In that way, they could develop more of their muscles at an early age, develop social skills and any other aspects as well, further logical and cognitive skills at their age maybe.

Wish they won't grow up so fast that they'll miss some of the things we used to enjoy at their age. Society-wise, there are just some things which can't be done anymore. But it should not be a hindrance to deprive the e kids with these developmentally important plays in their young age.

i'm not paranoid

Pabayo street, in between DiviSoria and Chavez street last night was unusual. At 9PM, there was a big white plain van with private plate which started with the letter A, a black SUV van with government plate and no government seal, there were big guys in plain clothes without holsters on the street outside Tapsi Time talking and emo teens around the corner of Pabayo-Chavez street along the Brilyant photocopying station. More groups of professionals and students at the other corner of Pabayo street. Who's in town?

Around 10PM, the crowd disappeared and the street was back to its usual ambiance.

relaxing with music

I woke up rather late this morning, almost 11AM. I still have to make my materials, I haven't prepared it last night, I don't know exactly why. Let me think.. Laziness. Hehe..

This morning, I just felt tired and wanted to curl in bed and stop time. I'm kinda okay now. Though my right arm is still so weak after countless punches from my student in my first class.

Haven't prepared my materials for tomorrow's class, again. Hehe..

*listening to mellow songs on the radio*

time check, 5:54AM

I've only had a short eye shut while waiting for our connection to do some work for a friend in need. I'm not planning on hitting the waters this time. Some other time maybe. I just hope I won't be sleepy later in my class as it had become tedious whenever one of my student would have tantrum and I had to restrain her. It is draining in fact yet I don't have any other idea how to stop her punches, saliva throwing, manipulative throwing, or stop her from pushing me, etc. She wouldn't understand it either if I talk to her. Hahayz.. Part of the job. Time to hit the sack now, have to.

time check, 5:55AM

Yups, too early right for an insomniac like me?! Hehe.. My bro asked me to wake him at 5AM to prepare for his assignment as a proctor in the secondary level's achievement test. Not wanting to go back to sleep, I hit the net.

Its time to hit the waters now. Tatah..

Doi.. Tara na!!

was that a compliment?

I went to Xavier University very early today to pay for my younger sibs' tuition in time for their final exam. Since it was too early (before 7AM, to be the first in line) I passed through the student's gate instead of the visitor's and presented my alumni ID. Usually, I would just flash it to the guard with no questions asked. This morning, she was asking why I was not in uniform, I was wearing pedal, shirt and slippers. I showed her my alumni ID as an explanation and reasoned that I'd be paying tuition. Still skeptic, she grabbed my ID and looked closely at the picture. Haha.. What was she thinking? By the way, our white alumni ID is recognizable from the present year's school ID with blue background and blue XU sling. Good thing she let me pass.

what she said..

Met up yesterday with the tita of my former tutee. It has been almost a year since our last meeting. And here's some of her comments:
'You don't look like a teacher.' Yeah, 'cause I have free time and I don't stay long in our school during school hours. Aside from that, I don't dress like one.
'When will you stop going to school?' Pursuing master's program was fun and I'm learning also from my fellow teachers experiences much more than our subjects' topics.
'You look fatter this time.' Of course, eating is one of my stress reliever.
'Why don't you want me to call you Ma'am?' Because I'm not used to it. My students and fellow students call me 'cher' or 'teach', not 'ma'am'.

Haha.. I guess I should start to get used to people calling me Ma'am nowadays.

guess why I'm sleepy the whole afternoon..

I woke up at 5AM and couldn't put myself to sleep again. But that's not the reason why I'm sleepy the whole afternoon. Finally had my much sought-after swim this morning. Hehe.. Since I couldn't get back to sleep and the internet would be here anytime, I grabbed the opportunity to go for a swim. It was worth it anyway. =)

in a jeepney ride

Overheard in a jeepeny ride a conversation between two individuals, "Makadaug unta ko sa lotto karon noh (I wish I will win the lottery/sweepstakes) pero dili man ko gataya (but I don't bet on it)." Hehe.. Of course.. :)

movie marathon on a work night

While our internet connection was not good yesterday, I opted to have a movie marathon. Honestly, I haven't finished or even started to watch the whole 'Cold Case', just glanced at their 1st series and the n skipped through the rest. Be watching it though, when I have the luxury of time to sit longer and not do anything. Anyway, so last night I watched the 3 Bourne installments, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. Finally had the chance to watch all 3 in a row. And what did I get from it? Sleepy eyes, wandering mind and heavy head. I'll have time to rest later after my 1-3pm class cause my other student begged to be absent as they will be having a drama practice. I haven't even fully prepared for my 1-3pm class either. Haha.. I wasn't really idle while watching the movie as I was also compiling papers and reports and making synthesis on it. Not bad huh.

long weekdays, can't wait for Friday

I woke up minutes before 3AM from the chilly air and exhaustion. I had dreamed that I was running unto something and in the midst of it, I stopped and thought what day today is. I was thinking its Friday already, so I was happy since I'd be having a break from work and master's program this weekend. Sadly, when I woke up again this morning, I realized that its still Tuesday. Argghhh.. Another workday. So I laid back on my bed trying to push my mind to be alert.

It has been a long week for me. Its just as if Saturday and Sunday hadn't pass. I had a whole day class with my master's program on since Friday until Monday and what made it more exhausting is the requirement asked of us which should be submitted on the said dates after our professor's lecture. Draining eh. I'm glad I'm done with that subject and had gained 3 units on it. Hahayz.. Another 3-unit subject coming up on the 20th to 23rd, again.

chard in coconut milk

Yups.. You got it right. That's my viand for our lunch meeting with my boss at Cafe Laguna, Robinsons building, Limketkai Center. They cooked it just right and the taste was good also, very good. So yummy! One of my favorites, chard in coconut milk or laing. First had a taste of that Bicol delicacy at Legaspi City almost 6 years ago. Since then, it had become one of my favorites. Much preferred over their other delicacy, Bicol Express. It’s main ingredient is dried taro root or what we call dahon ng gabi mixed with coconut milk plus some spices that made it truly from the heart of the Bicol region. It is good for the health concscious people but of course, I'm not one of them. I just love vegetables and it so happened that laing is one of my favorite viands. Even look for it in restaurant menus. There's an available laing in can though, I forgot the name of the producer. Its also delicious, mixed with tuna. But nothing beats freshly cooked. For sure, one of these days, when I can dine at Cafe Laguna, be ordering laing once again. Try it.

craving for qwek-qwek

I miss the taste of qwek-qwek. Do you know what qwek-qwek is? Its just a hard boiled chicken egg covered with flour, thus its orange color and deep-fried in oil. In the plate with the egg are slices of onion, cucumber and you could choose if you want sea weeds (lato) or not. Of course there would be the sauce. You could choose from a variety of sauce mixes the vendor has available. There's one that has a catsup, a plain vinegar with condiments and the other made of gravy but more watery and sweet, comes in hot and regular.

It may not be tasty for some but its a healthy street food. In the picture is Andoi, the owner of cresendo and our sweet, beautiful friend devouring their qwek-qwek at DiviSoria.

my student's version on ozone depletion

One of my tutorial/learning development student from a prestigious school in this city explained to me his concept of ozone depletion as we were having our session this afternoon after his class. He said, 'Its just like the earth farted (CFC or chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere) which made the ozone layer dizzy (ozone depletion) due to fart poisoning. Because the ozone layer was dizzy, some of his body parts were affected making him weak which then leads to ozone hole. Whereby allowing the ultraviolet rays to pass through since the ozone is sick, poisoned and dizzy rather.' Hehe.. He understood it much in that explanation. If it helps him to comprehend the science and subject of the ozone layer and depletion, its causes and effect, so be it.

what time is it?

It's 2:54AM. I expect to be in bed by now reading articles about my students' case and how to deal with them or is fast asleep already. But here I am still, in this strong chair that carried my weight for hours in front of this computer, uploading photos for my newly registered multiply account. My head is heavy, my eyes craves to rest, not to mention the throbbing pain in my head due to my imbalanced vision, yet I'm not wearing my glasses. My mind is still active though. Hahayz..

Now I really have to go to sleep and take some rest. If I'd be sleepy tomorrow during my sessions, I have no one else to blame but me.

i so miss this.. =(

Aaaahhhhh.... This looks and feels good..Yearning to take a dip into that inviting water. Take a few laps, stretch some muscles, float like its my bed.. Relax.. Have some alone time with my favorite hobby and my element. Hahayz..

who is janus?

January is named for Janus (Ianuarius), the god of the doorway; the name has its beginnings in Roman mythology, where the Latin word for door (ianua) comes from. He is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, thus represented by a double-faced head, each looking onto opposite directions. January is the door to the year.

Makes sense. Having to leave what needs to be left behind on the previous year and welcoming a new year on a clean slate.

Stumbled upon this information as I was browsing the net for materials for my report.

chicken arroz caldo this time

Guess what? My young bro is convincing me again to cook him chicken arroz caldo, and he even bought the ingredients just now at DiviSoria. He is really that serious aye! Hehe.. At least this time, he had the chicken, spring onion, onion, garlic and ginger. Despite having a slight headache from the whole day class, I guess I had to fulfill the dutiful sister that I am, again. Or am I? Hehe.. Off to the kitchen now. =)

e-heads anyone??

E-heads will be staging their reunion concert part 2 on March 7, 2008 at Manila. Great! And as if I have the means and opportunity to witness that. Hehe.. Just want to hear them sing my favorite song once again, in their own version. It had been revived before but nothing really beats the E-heads version of "With A Smile'. Anyway.. Glad to know they'd be reunited again, all 4 of them, the original members of the band. Yeaps!! I'm a solid original Eraserheads fan since my late elementary years. Admittedly, I like their songs, the melody and I don't know what else. I'm too young to judge that time I guess. Hehe.. When they disbanded and Ely Buendia made another band, the Mongols, it too broke my heart, just like some of their fans do. But anyway, some things never last forever. At least, they still had the opportunity to play as one band, like before.

sun light, sun bright, glad to meet you today..

Its definitely good to see the sun again. Been yearning for it since last week. To smell the fresh morning air, smile at the morning sun shining on my face over our window. Funny how we sometimes neglect things just because we always see and assume that it'll be there, always be there. And when it was hidden for a week, we frantically pray for it to come out again.

It has been raining a lot here in our place the whole week last week. And had filled a whirl of news on landslides, flooded areas, residents taking refuge in evacuation centers, bridges at risk for collapsing, soft land along cliffs, etc. It had been a week of worries and prayers. Glad it's over, for now. However, we must also be cautious. Authorities had been saying that it'll not be the end, more rains and downpours are still coming on our areas for the days to come. Others might be much worse than the once we had experienced last week. Brace yourself for some more.


As it turned out, I ended up watching Prison Break Season 3 instead of my planned Cold Case. Blame it on my bro who proudly showed off the dvd, with a word that its plot is not very much connected to the previous 2 seasons. It got me interested. I'm not a Prison Break follower but I'm a tv series buff on dvd marathons. Didn't fully watched season 1, thinking, why on earth would anyone wants to go to prison. Oh well, you could say its brotherly love and sacrifice, no contest to that. Anyway, as the episode progresses, the story also thickens with plots of escaping the prison cell, with complicaions here and there, and living life outside of the prison on the run. Didn't watch a single episode of season 2 though. Season 3 ended with some unanswered questions and some twist.
Next up: Cold Case next week.

THings really do change in seconds. Decisions can be swayed in seconds.

dvd marathon once again

I went to Divisoria yesterday after work to look for dvds I haven't seen. True enough, I found one. 'Cold Case' is about a fictional Philadelphia police department specialzing in cold cases, unsolved cases committed years ago. They had to reopen it and rethink the crime scenes and interview the persons involved if they're still alive. Caught my interest since its a detective story, a police procedural television series which I haven't seen. I'm not a television buff by the way. But would go for dvd marathons if I have time or at times I just want to take a break and get my mind off from my work. Sad to say, its their 3rd season copy I found. No earlier or later seasons available, since they're presently airing their 6th season on CBS. Anyway, off to dvd marathon.

gravy flavored rice congee

Have you ever tried that?
My younger bro was not feeling well last night and asked for me to cook him congee or lugaw, a soft-boiled rice cooked in meat broth. Having no supply of ginger or broth cubes for that matter, I rummaged for seasoning instead and found a gravy mix. Now what would it taste like.

It tasted good though, just don't follow the water measurement in the instructions at the back. And I also added a little soy sauce to make it taste a little salty.
Try it.

How are you smart?

Wandering here and there, I did some research and tests on multiple intelligences. We all know gifted writers (using words), engineers (using numbers), artists (manipulating spaces), musicians (inspired by sound), athletes (using physical skills), counselors (understanding others), introverts (enjoys spending time alone) and biologists (passionate about nature). Testing myself, I was amazed at one intelligence wherein I put a check mark or marked 'YES' on all its questions, I'd rather not post it here in my blog what intelligence it is. Of those who know me, guess what intelligence it is.
So what about you? What type are you dominant? Are you Word Smart, Number Smart, Picture Smart, Music Smart, Body Smart, People Smart, Self Smart or Earth Smart? Or any 3 or 4 combination of those? If you want to try it yourself, there are a lot of Multiple Intelligence test available on the web, all of those were of Dr. Howard Gardner.


Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
Wonderful journey
(At The Beginning, Donna Lewis and Richard Marx)

Fitting lines from a song for my blog. For we are all sojourners in this world. We may have different circumstances, different obstacles to conquer, yet we all have a lesson to learn from all those. Life is hard. Life is beautiful.

i just want.. be silly and playful at times.

Aahhhh.. The fun it brings.. :)

2nd day of work for 2009

I though I was the only one not yet set for work. It turned out, we were all not set to go back to work. As if the 2 weeks vacation is not enough. We still want to get more sleep, more time in front of the television, more food to consume and not be grind easily with activities, or have more time to spent with our hobbies or with friends. A short-lived vacation indeed.


I am a sojourner of this world and of this time. Through this blog, be posting my journey, a wanderer's journey.