indeed a man's bestfriend

I was on my way to Casa Crystalla to fetch a visiting friend for dinner when I passed by Corrales-Hayes intersection. Congestion of public jeepney, motorela and a private vehicle overtaking us and stealing the other side's lane built up in the intersection when I noticed a white street dog in the middle of the road. The dog almost got hit by the overtaking vehicle, good thing it stopped. When the vehicle successfully maneuvered through the traffic, just then, a commuter tricycle emerged from the traffic driven by a weak, old man. Ahead of the tricycle is the dog stealing glances at the driver as if guiding or guarding it, until they faded out of my sight.

Wow!! I seldom witness things like these in the streets.

these kids..

Kids nowadays are so eager to grow up, try on grown-up things, clothes and behaviors. Can't they just be kids and enjoy the liberty of it? Explore and learn some more of their age-appropriate games which they would eventually miss when they grow up. Fly kites this summer, run along the riverside, play takyang, patintero on the street, etc.There's fun being a kid and not just try to relive those days when they are grown up already. I pity girls wearing heeled sandals and shoes as they'll have difficulty running when they want to run and if they could run, it'll hurt their feet as well. I pity girls painted on make-up even just going to malls, they are beautiful and need not cover their little faces with cosmetics. I pity boys who were confined to computer games at home when they could have run around and play with their neighbors or playmates or siblings. In that way, they could develop more of their muscles at an early age, develop social skills and any other aspects as well, further logical and cognitive skills at their age maybe.

Wish they won't grow up so fast that they'll miss some of the things we used to enjoy at their age. Society-wise, there are just some things which can't be done anymore. But it should not be a hindrance to deprive the e kids with these developmentally important plays in their young age.

i'm not paranoid

Pabayo street, in between DiviSoria and Chavez street last night was unusual. At 9PM, there was a big white plain van with private plate which started with the letter A, a black SUV van with government plate and no government seal, there were big guys in plain clothes without holsters on the street outside Tapsi Time talking and emo teens around the corner of Pabayo-Chavez street along the Brilyant photocopying station. More groups of professionals and students at the other corner of Pabayo street. Who's in town?

Around 10PM, the crowd disappeared and the street was back to its usual ambiance.

relaxing with music

I woke up rather late this morning, almost 11AM. I still have to make my materials, I haven't prepared it last night, I don't know exactly why. Let me think.. Laziness. Hehe..

This morning, I just felt tired and wanted to curl in bed and stop time. I'm kinda okay now. Though my right arm is still so weak after countless punches from my student in my first class.

Haven't prepared my materials for tomorrow's class, again. Hehe..

*listening to mellow songs on the radio*

time check, 5:54AM

I've only had a short eye shut while waiting for our connection to do some work for a friend in need. I'm not planning on hitting the waters this time. Some other time maybe. I just hope I won't be sleepy later in my class as it had become tedious whenever one of my student would have tantrum and I had to restrain her. It is draining in fact yet I don't have any other idea how to stop her punches, saliva throwing, manipulative throwing, or stop her from pushing me, etc. She wouldn't understand it either if I talk to her. Hahayz.. Part of the job. Time to hit the sack now, have to.

time check, 5:55AM

Yups, too early right for an insomniac like me?! Hehe.. My bro asked me to wake him at 5AM to prepare for his assignment as a proctor in the secondary level's achievement test. Not wanting to go back to sleep, I hit the net.

Its time to hit the waters now. Tatah..

Doi.. Tara na!!

was that a compliment?

I went to Xavier University very early today to pay for my younger sibs' tuition in time for their final exam. Since it was too early (before 7AM, to be the first in line) I passed through the student's gate instead of the visitor's and presented my alumni ID. Usually, I would just flash it to the guard with no questions asked. This morning, she was asking why I was not in uniform, I was wearing pedal, shirt and slippers. I showed her my alumni ID as an explanation and reasoned that I'd be paying tuition. Still skeptic, she grabbed my ID and looked closely at the picture. Haha.. What was she thinking? By the way, our white alumni ID is recognizable from the present year's school ID with blue background and blue XU sling. Good thing she let me pass.

what she said..

Met up yesterday with the tita of my former tutee. It has been almost a year since our last meeting. And here's some of her comments:
'You don't look like a teacher.' Yeah, 'cause I have free time and I don't stay long in our school during school hours. Aside from that, I don't dress like one.
'When will you stop going to school?' Pursuing master's program was fun and I'm learning also from my fellow teachers experiences much more than our subjects' topics.
'You look fatter this time.' Of course, eating is one of my stress reliever.
'Why don't you want me to call you Ma'am?' Because I'm not used to it. My students and fellow students call me 'cher' or 'teach', not 'ma'am'.

Haha.. I guess I should start to get used to people calling me Ma'am nowadays.

guess why I'm sleepy the whole afternoon..

I woke up at 5AM and couldn't put myself to sleep again. But that's not the reason why I'm sleepy the whole afternoon. Finally had my much sought-after swim this morning. Hehe.. Since I couldn't get back to sleep and the internet would be here anytime, I grabbed the opportunity to go for a swim. It was worth it anyway. =)