as kids say it - nov 26

The school will be having a camp night tomorrow. I was orienting my kids this morning on what they will expect for tomorrow.

Teacher: We will have a bonfire tomorrow.
Xyck: What is bonfire Teacher? Are we going to burn bones?

Smart kid.

a family work

Rode on a jeepney this afternoon on my way to my tutee's house. I was amazed to learn that the teenage barker is the driver's son. And if the woman opposite me didn't talked to the boy, I wouldn't have known that she was his mother. Wow!! They all looked after each other as the guy was telling his father to look after traffic enforcers ahead of them. His mother was also thoughful as to not allow teenagers to just cling on the rail at the back. The guy as his mother was honest enough to give discount to a non-uniformed student even if the student hadn't advised her so. Great to see scenes like these once in a while.

saved by the bell stars

Peeping through pictures of Hollywood bestfriends, I happened to see a familiar face from a television show way back on my elementary years. It was the face of Mario Lopez, A. C. Slater of Save by the Bell. Was an avid viewer of this popular television sitcom. It was this show that ignited my television viewing. Though the show was for teenagers yet I enjoyed watching it. I forgot why. they were fun as well. With Screech, Lisa turtle, Jessie, Zack and Kelly. I wouldn't want to miss a single day without watching that show.

Those were the days.

as kids say it - nov 12

Teacher: Why does Xyck call you Baby Freya?
Freya: Maybe he thinks I'm cute.
Teacher: Ohw.. Are you?
Freya: (shyly) Yes.

Teacher: Why do you call her Baby Freya?
Xyck: Because she's cute. (pinching her cheeks)

Teacher: Draw man-made things.
Jules: Mermaid teacher?

Hehe.. Kids.. So cute.

as kids say it - nov 10

The preschoolers practiced their handmime presentation for the school's upcoming Christmas play at the start of our class. The first stanza contained an act that requires them to make a figure, aside from those that they can do individually. Working together to get it done. After much practice without and with the music, they got the timing and executed it nicely. So I exclaimed a big "Yehey!!" with high fives. They were jubilant as well as they give high fives also to their classmates with shouts of yehey. And Kyle shouted, "Why are we saying 'yehey'?" Hehe.. Cute kid.

Much like Marsh's "What's mutual?" scene at the L300 on our way to Baywalk on our last night at Davao City. Hehe.. Peace mar.. :)

as kids say it - nov 6

Ivy: Teacher, Dayne pushed me and I hit my waist on the wood. It hurts. (in near tears)
Dayne: I didn't mean to hurt her Teacher, we were only playing. (was apologetic)
Ivy: Dayne, my side hurts. (was half-smiling)
Dayne: (smiling and running again) Come on Ivy.

I didn't say anything. Yet they were playing again as if nothing happened.

Hahayz.. Kids..

waiting.. waiting..

I'm waiting on someone.

I'm waiting on something.

Waiting for that day.

34 days more and its vacation once again. :)

i'm back

Not from the dead. But from my trip to Quezon, Bukidnon and Davao City. Wanderer eh??!! Hehe.. If only time and resources permits, I might be in a lot of places right now. Anyway.. I'm still thankful having had this privilege to travel to places where friends resides.

Haven't been updating this site lately. No worries though, I won't be abandoning my blogspot account. Just busy with things and less topics to blog about here.