as kids say it - mar 11

Irene, a student from another class sang this song:

I may never march in the infantry
Ride in the infantry
Shoot in the infantry
I may never fly or the infantry
And I am Lord's army
Yes ter

The correct lyrics is:
I may never march in an infantry
Ride on a cavalry
Shoot an artillery
I may never zoom all my enemies
But I'm in the Lord's army
Yes sir!!

Cute.. She was never even out of tune and she's a promising singer at 4 years old.

* * * * *

Freya: Why is it always 10 o' clock?

as kids say it - mar 8

Luchis lost her front tooth last Saturday. She was covering her mouth when she entered our room yesterday. She doesn't her classmates to see her teeth. She was the assigned prayer leader yesterday, so she prayed with her back on her classmates so they won't see. During snack time, she separated and transferred to our small table and called me. "You know what Teacher, nahulog ako ngipon last Saturday while we were at a wedding in Marco Hotel and Johanne was a ring bearer. My father was looking for my lost tooth but he didn't find it." She was no longer covering her mouth while talking to me. "It's okay that you see my teeth Teacher." Hehe.. Sweet girl. I was teasing her after our conversation, she would put her hand over my mouth so I couldn't utter what I want to say. Such a lovely girl. She's one of my dependable and smart student. I'll surely miss her after our graduation 2 weeks from now.