says a commuter

It was pouring hard on Friday night before our usual meeting time. When it slowed down, I rode a jeepney to my destination, went on my usual route and got down a walking distance from our agreed place. Knowing that there would be a large pool of water on the opposite side of the road after that heavy downpour so I decided to walk a distance then cross the road on the edge of the island. Going about my way when I heard screams from the other side of the road. There was an SUV who plied through the empty road and rode past the pool of water in a hurry without it hazzards and thereby splashing dirty water on the ladies walking on the other side of the road from where I walked. They were wet even when they docked and others even looked like they just got a shower with their clothes on. How would you have reacted if you saw that? Feel pity for the ladies? Get agree at the man behind the wheel for recklessly driving? Maybe so. It would have been aceptable if the car had its blinkers on cause it would mean an emergency. but no, there wasn't any. I wish they knew how it is to be splashed on with dirty water on our pants while avoiding to be wet and carefully trodding on the sidewalk. Wish they knew that our ear ache whenever they pounced on their horn to get the jeepney driver's attention that they are also using the road. I wish they'd understand that those jeepey drivers were working a clean job to feed their family instead of reprimanding them for acts they may have done also. The different attitudes of people and its status in life canreally affect how they see the people and events around them.

as kids say it - sep 15

Kyle: Lord, bless our food today and the hands that prepared them. May it give strength and punishment for our body. Amen.

as kids say it - sep 9

At the start of their class, I put flashcards of body parts in each of their desk. As they were browsing through the cards, one by one, they all exclaimed disgust. Will one of them be a nurse or a medical practitioner someday? I wonder. They're still very young anyway.

as kids say it - sept 3

Xyck was cleaning up the mat and packing up toys. When he's done, he got off his shoes, went to center of the mat and danced. Such an adorable kid.

Teacher: What part of the body do you use when you sing? (as if holding a microphone in my hand)
Choline: hands
She was also right.

Teacher: What part of the body do you use when you eat ice cream? (gesturing on holding an ice cream)
Freya: hands
She had a point as well.

Teacher: Think of an object that is in the sky, that also flies and falls.
Preschoolers: airplane, bird, airport, balloon, hot air balloon, parachute..


Kyle's prayer: Lord, take us home safely and fill our home with marbles.

Hehe.. Such an energetic, intelligent kid. We once had a tour at a local museum last week. He was the only kid throwing questions to our guide and really absorbing what our guide was showing and telling us for when we got to the bus, he was full of questions about what he saw inside the museum.