as kids say it - jul 7

Every morning, before we start the class, we have our morning prayer. Its only a short one that I asked thwm to lead. I've noticed one consistent prayer they have, it always mentions 'please make our math easier'. Hehehe.. Math is their 1st subject which I taught, unfortunately. Hehehe they'll soon get used to the level of difficulty of it, soon.

as kids say it - jun 22

While reviewing my 6th graders on their types of nouns, one kid gave this answer for gender nouns then follwed by her classmate's very good answer as well.

Bea: masculine, feminine, transgender

Ada: lesbian

So is LGBT legal now?? Hmm.. I wonder, I wasn't informed??

as kids say it - sep 9

While we were waiting for 7:30AM in the van we hired as our service, I had this conversation with my student.

Ashlea: Why do you love to climb mountains Teacher? Don't you get tired? It's like you are wasting money for travels.

Thank you Ashlea. There's this unexplained euphoria when I reach the top, the view from there and the experience. Not to mention the company I was with when I climb mountains or go to an adventure. Its not so much about wasting money but saving experiences. 

revived - revival

I want to revive this blog again with my kids' lines. Hoping though that I can keep up despite my busyness and all the activities I've joined and were thrown on me. As you have known, this is my secondary blog so I can't promise to be always updating this. Admittedly, I had forgotten about this. Hehehe.. My apologies. But, but.. Thanks to one of my student who persistently asked me early today to post our conversation this morning. So, I can't promise but I'll try.  :)

after more than a year

It has been eons since I last posted, visited or logged on to this blogger account. I even almost forgot my username and password. If not for a friend who is a newbie in the blogging world who I decided to help, this blog might forever be neglected. Thanks Sib.  :D