craving for qwek-qwek

I miss the taste of qwek-qwek. Do you know what qwek-qwek is? Its just a hard boiled chicken egg covered with flour, thus its orange color and deep-fried in oil. In the plate with the egg are slices of onion, cucumber and you could choose if you want sea weeds (lato) or not. Of course there would be the sauce. You could choose from a variety of sauce mixes the vendor has available. There's one that has a catsup, a plain vinegar with condiments and the other made of gravy but more watery and sweet, comes in hot and regular.

It may not be tasty for some but its a healthy street food. In the picture is Andoi, the owner of cresendo and our sweet, beautiful friend devouring their qwek-qwek at DiviSoria.

my student's version on ozone depletion

One of my tutorial/learning development student from a prestigious school in this city explained to me his concept of ozone depletion as we were having our session this afternoon after his class. He said, 'Its just like the earth farted (CFC or chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere) which made the ozone layer dizzy (ozone depletion) due to fart poisoning. Because the ozone layer was dizzy, some of his body parts were affected making him weak which then leads to ozone hole. Whereby allowing the ultraviolet rays to pass through since the ozone is sick, poisoned and dizzy rather.' Hehe.. He understood it much in that explanation. If it helps him to comprehend the science and subject of the ozone layer and depletion, its causes and effect, so be it.

what time is it?

It's 2:54AM. I expect to be in bed by now reading articles about my students' case and how to deal with them or is fast asleep already. But here I am still, in this strong chair that carried my weight for hours in front of this computer, uploading photos for my newly registered multiply account. My head is heavy, my eyes craves to rest, not to mention the throbbing pain in my head due to my imbalanced vision, yet I'm not wearing my glasses. My mind is still active though. Hahayz..

Now I really have to go to sleep and take some rest. If I'd be sleepy tomorrow during my sessions, I have no one else to blame but me.

i so miss this.. =(

Aaaahhhhh.... This looks and feels good..Yearning to take a dip into that inviting water. Take a few laps, stretch some muscles, float like its my bed.. Relax.. Have some alone time with my favorite hobby and my element. Hahayz..

who is janus?

January is named for Janus (Ianuarius), the god of the doorway; the name has its beginnings in Roman mythology, where the Latin word for door (ianua) comes from. He is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, thus represented by a double-faced head, each looking onto opposite directions. January is the door to the year.

Makes sense. Having to leave what needs to be left behind on the previous year and welcoming a new year on a clean slate.

Stumbled upon this information as I was browsing the net for materials for my report.

chicken arroz caldo this time

Guess what? My young bro is convincing me again to cook him chicken arroz caldo, and he even bought the ingredients just now at DiviSoria. He is really that serious aye! Hehe.. At least this time, he had the chicken, spring onion, onion, garlic and ginger. Despite having a slight headache from the whole day class, I guess I had to fulfill the dutiful sister that I am, again. Or am I? Hehe.. Off to the kitchen now. =)

e-heads anyone??

E-heads will be staging their reunion concert part 2 on March 7, 2008 at Manila. Great! And as if I have the means and opportunity to witness that. Hehe.. Just want to hear them sing my favorite song once again, in their own version. It had been revived before but nothing really beats the E-heads version of "With A Smile'. Anyway.. Glad to know they'd be reunited again, all 4 of them, the original members of the band. Yeaps!! I'm a solid original Eraserheads fan since my late elementary years. Admittedly, I like their songs, the melody and I don't know what else. I'm too young to judge that time I guess. Hehe.. When they disbanded and Ely Buendia made another band, the Mongols, it too broke my heart, just like some of their fans do. But anyway, some things never last forever. At least, they still had the opportunity to play as one band, like before.

sun light, sun bright, glad to meet you today..

Its definitely good to see the sun again. Been yearning for it since last week. To smell the fresh morning air, smile at the morning sun shining on my face over our window. Funny how we sometimes neglect things just because we always see and assume that it'll be there, always be there. And when it was hidden for a week, we frantically pray for it to come out again.

It has been raining a lot here in our place the whole week last week. And had filled a whirl of news on landslides, flooded areas, residents taking refuge in evacuation centers, bridges at risk for collapsing, soft land along cliffs, etc. It had been a week of worries and prayers. Glad it's over, for now. However, we must also be cautious. Authorities had been saying that it'll not be the end, more rains and downpours are still coming on our areas for the days to come. Others might be much worse than the once we had experienced last week. Brace yourself for some more.


As it turned out, I ended up watching Prison Break Season 3 instead of my planned Cold Case. Blame it on my bro who proudly showed off the dvd, with a word that its plot is not very much connected to the previous 2 seasons. It got me interested. I'm not a Prison Break follower but I'm a tv series buff on dvd marathons. Didn't fully watched season 1, thinking, why on earth would anyone wants to go to prison. Oh well, you could say its brotherly love and sacrifice, no contest to that. Anyway, as the episode progresses, the story also thickens with plots of escaping the prison cell, with complicaions here and there, and living life outside of the prison on the run. Didn't watch a single episode of season 2 though. Season 3 ended with some unanswered questions and some twist.
Next up: Cold Case next week.

THings really do change in seconds. Decisions can be swayed in seconds.

dvd marathon once again

I went to Divisoria yesterday after work to look for dvds I haven't seen. True enough, I found one. 'Cold Case' is about a fictional Philadelphia police department specialzing in cold cases, unsolved cases committed years ago. They had to reopen it and rethink the crime scenes and interview the persons involved if they're still alive. Caught my interest since its a detective story, a police procedural television series which I haven't seen. I'm not a television buff by the way. But would go for dvd marathons if I have time or at times I just want to take a break and get my mind off from my work. Sad to say, its their 3rd season copy I found. No earlier or later seasons available, since they're presently airing their 6th season on CBS. Anyway, off to dvd marathon.

gravy flavored rice congee

Have you ever tried that?
My younger bro was not feeling well last night and asked for me to cook him congee or lugaw, a soft-boiled rice cooked in meat broth. Having no supply of ginger or broth cubes for that matter, I rummaged for seasoning instead and found a gravy mix. Now what would it taste like.

It tasted good though, just don't follow the water measurement in the instructions at the back. And I also added a little soy sauce to make it taste a little salty.
Try it.

How are you smart?

Wandering here and there, I did some research and tests on multiple intelligences. We all know gifted writers (using words), engineers (using numbers), artists (manipulating spaces), musicians (inspired by sound), athletes (using physical skills), counselors (understanding others), introverts (enjoys spending time alone) and biologists (passionate about nature). Testing myself, I was amazed at one intelligence wherein I put a check mark or marked 'YES' on all its questions, I'd rather not post it here in my blog what intelligence it is. Of those who know me, guess what intelligence it is.
So what about you? What type are you dominant? Are you Word Smart, Number Smart, Picture Smart, Music Smart, Body Smart, People Smart, Self Smart or Earth Smart? Or any 3 or 4 combination of those? If you want to try it yourself, there are a lot of Multiple Intelligence test available on the web, all of those were of Dr. Howard Gardner.


Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
Wonderful journey
(At The Beginning, Donna Lewis and Richard Marx)

Fitting lines from a song for my blog. For we are all sojourners in this world. We may have different circumstances, different obstacles to conquer, yet we all have a lesson to learn from all those. Life is hard. Life is beautiful.

i just want.. be silly and playful at times.

Aahhhh.. The fun it brings.. :)

2nd day of work for 2009

I though I was the only one not yet set for work. It turned out, we were all not set to go back to work. As if the 2 weeks vacation is not enough. We still want to get more sleep, more time in front of the television, more food to consume and not be grind easily with activities, or have more time to spent with our hobbies or with friends. A short-lived vacation indeed.


I am a sojourner of this world and of this time. Through this blog, be posting my journey, a wanderer's journey.