quick post

We're still here at Netopia of SM CDO waiting for our ride. We went to the airport this morning but our friend informed us that it might take a while since their is no fuel yet so we decided to board a taxi and had lunch here. Hoping naa nay lana.. Hehe..

this cold

Waahh.. I have a cold. I hope it will not worsen as I'll be off to Cebu City in an hour or two to teach swimming in the Cebu youth summer camp. Must be because of the stress the past weeks and not taking good care of my health and myself. Haha.. This should be a wake up call for me.

my mind was blank

I was on my way home tonight when unknowingly I rode a jeepney plying to a different route, it was going to the opposite direction of where I intended to go. Poor me. So instead of calling the attention of the driver to let me unboard, I decided to go on and unboard at the next barangay where I could ride a multicab again going to our place. Haha.. Whattadei!! It was my fault anyway. I didn't clearly looked at the signboard of the jeepney, no, rather, I didn't read it. Hahaha..

devouring an ice cream..

.. a kasuy mantekado espesyal flavor. YUMMY!!!!!

Guess what's the occasion..

what's on my mind right now?

Ice cream.




Seminar sponsorship.

Task to be done tonight.



Upcoming trip.


My student.

Music over the radio.


what a week!!

I didn't realized that I'm stressed until a colleague stressed the indications that I am burned-out yesterday. Why won't I be? I guess the whole staff is.

Yesterday, had a sundae at McDonald's (their free for the month through the McDo card, courtesy of McJoy), and it felt relaxing. Haha.. What's in ice cream that relaxes me?

wanderer eh??!

Just got back from my Medina trip.

I wonder, how well traveled am I? My primary job don't even demand that I go out of time. It's just for mere pleasure or because my presence is demanded that I could go out of town for days. Hmmmph..

morning itinerary

I'd be off to the town of Medina, Misamis Oriental later this morning, about 2 hours bus ride from this city. I doubt I'd get a sleep before I'd be off. Its already 4:21AM on the computer's clock and they just started with their second movie, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". I'd probably be getting a shower later when I get home, before I leave for Medina. Bad me.

summer's almost over..

.. but not for me.

It's as if I hadn't had a vacation from work.

But.. But.. The summer camp compensated for it. Incomparable.

sleepover, oh how I love these..

It's 3:32AM on my wristwatch. We finished our second planned activity, which was an Ice Breaker composed of questions and task the participant had to do. The youths are in the middle of the horror movie entitled 'Quarantine' now. I've seen these before when we first had our sleepover here at Kevinski's place so I'm not at all interested or thrilled to watch it again. I'm just observing who would shout or hide under the covers. Hehe..

Wanna know what our first planned activity is? We arrived at their village at 11PM so the residences would be sleeing soundly already or the street would be quiet. unfortunately for the first-timers, we confused them and let them locate their place with only the gate color as a clue. Haha.. How harsh of us. They finally located the place after a youth asked by-standers 30 minutes into their search. Finally.

where have all the politeness gone?

During our camp's camp-wide game, it was my practice to say 'thank you' to the campers who came into me and tried to solve the puzzle I was tasked to handle and supervise. Only a few campers/youths would respond to my 'thank yous', some would just turn their back and hurried off to the next station/task.

On my way to work yesterday, I particularly noticed a fellow commuter who addressed the motorela driver as 'tatay' and not 'manong'. Good of him to use that word.

While a high school student on vacation didn't even mind passing in between two elders talking in the pathway along Divisoria.

Where have all the youngsters' manners gone?

time check: 3:40AM

Haha.. And I'm still wide awake. Not minding the fact that I still have to work later. I should be up by 8AM and be off by 9AM. But darn!! I could adjust my time anyway.

I'm still chatting with 2 equally insomniac youths. Hehe.. But be bidding them goodnight, or shall I say good morning in a while though. I really had to hit the sack. Or I just need some smack on the head.

ice cream again

I want an ice cream.. A pint of very rocky road.

Burdened with the thought that I can do something for someone or for this group of people but I'm not doing anything. It was and always has been my job here. I could have extended my help, what's holding me back?

the last of it

The last of the camper and staff that overstayed in our place left last Monday. Though I want to feel happy about it for a successful camp, my heart tugs for the laughter and cheers of the campers.

'naa pako hangover sa camp'

Arrived CDO minutes past midnight. I still haven't slept well and rested well. Still wished it hadn't ended or hadn't left Davao City. Huhu.. I'm not like this last year. This further means that I really enjoyed our camp. I also lose my voice, as always.