in a jeepney ride

Overheard in a jeepeny ride a conversation between two individuals, "Makadaug unta ko sa lotto karon noh (I wish I will win the lottery/sweepstakes) pero dili man ko gataya (but I don't bet on it)." Hehe.. Of course.. :)

movie marathon on a work night

While our internet connection was not good yesterday, I opted to have a movie marathon. Honestly, I haven't finished or even started to watch the whole 'Cold Case', just glanced at their 1st series and the n skipped through the rest. Be watching it though, when I have the luxury of time to sit longer and not do anything. Anyway, so last night I watched the 3 Bourne installments, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. Finally had the chance to watch all 3 in a row. And what did I get from it? Sleepy eyes, wandering mind and heavy head. I'll have time to rest later after my 1-3pm class cause my other student begged to be absent as they will be having a drama practice. I haven't even fully prepared for my 1-3pm class either. Haha.. I wasn't really idle while watching the movie as I was also compiling papers and reports and making synthesis on it. Not bad huh.

long weekdays, can't wait for Friday

I woke up minutes before 3AM from the chilly air and exhaustion. I had dreamed that I was running unto something and in the midst of it, I stopped and thought what day today is. I was thinking its Friday already, so I was happy since I'd be having a break from work and master's program this weekend. Sadly, when I woke up again this morning, I realized that its still Tuesday. Argghhh.. Another workday. So I laid back on my bed trying to push my mind to be alert.

It has been a long week for me. Its just as if Saturday and Sunday hadn't pass. I had a whole day class with my master's program on since Friday until Monday and what made it more exhausting is the requirement asked of us which should be submitted on the said dates after our professor's lecture. Draining eh. I'm glad I'm done with that subject and had gained 3 units on it. Hahayz.. Another 3-unit subject coming up on the 20th to 23rd, again.

chard in coconut milk

Yups.. You got it right. That's my viand for our lunch meeting with my boss at Cafe Laguna, Robinsons building, Limketkai Center. They cooked it just right and the taste was good also, very good. So yummy! One of my favorites, chard in coconut milk or laing. First had a taste of that Bicol delicacy at Legaspi City almost 6 years ago. Since then, it had become one of my favorites. Much preferred over their other delicacy, Bicol Express. It’s main ingredient is dried taro root or what we call dahon ng gabi mixed with coconut milk plus some spices that made it truly from the heart of the Bicol region. It is good for the health concscious people but of course, I'm not one of them. I just love vegetables and it so happened that laing is one of my favorite viands. Even look for it in restaurant menus. There's an available laing in can though, I forgot the name of the producer. Its also delicious, mixed with tuna. But nothing beats freshly cooked. For sure, one of these days, when I can dine at Cafe Laguna, be ordering laing once again. Try it.