Ever noticed that some of the sounds made by animals written on the books were far from reality? Like the rooster, some books write it as Cock-a-doodle-doo. Another is the dogs, is it really Arf-arf?

my preschoolers and politics

I was shocked hear my preschoolers discuss their bets for our country's presidency. Their choices were Villar and Noynoy. They even memorized Villar's jingle. Hehe..

I'm glad they're not qualified to vote yet. Or else their votes would probably based from the media's intensive broadcast and sorts.

100th post!!

What a feat!! I didn't expect or even thought that this would be my 100th post. And its a year already since I put up this blog. Nice!!

Basically, this blog was set up for meager topics and comments for my blogspot or blogger friends who doesn't have name/URL in their comment box. Yet it reached this far. If you've noticed, the posts here were just nonsense. Others were trivial. Yet I'm glad.