insomnia kicking in

Its not restlessness or anxiety I'm experiencing the past week. It's my insomnia again. Gggrrrrr.... Bad timing. At a time like this when I need to rest and get some shut eyes. Be going to Davao City again tomorrow early morning. Hope I could be rested enough and physically prepared for the travel and Davao City agenda.

summer time

I could take a bath 4 times in a day if time permits. But nah. I could only wish so. It's sooooo hot here. Even if it rained late in the afternoon the past week. Hoping it'll not pour over Davao City next week too. =)


I slept last night at a friend's apartment since it was already minutes past 12 midnight that we finished talking about some matters over a snack. Since the moment I laid on the bed till I rose this morning, I felt like I was awake the whole time, not to mention the countless turns I made to put myself to sleep to no avail. I was aware of my surroundings, I knew that someone climbed up the stairs and entered the adjacent room, etc. Yet I am not as sleepy as I expect to be this minute, maybe later. Hehe.. Who knows? I might drowse in my class this afternoon. My bad. :)

4th and counting

Just got back from my CDO - Butuan City - San Francisco, Agusan del Sur trip. The trip was a little tiring but I had a great time with my relatives in celebration of my cousin's wedding.

San Francisco, Agusan del Sur is the 4th place I went to this month. Quite the traveler.


I think it was minutes before 5AM or is it already 5AM since light is creping inside my bedroom when I slept this morning. Woke up 8:45AM and I'm not feeling sleepy anymore. Huh?? Anxiety? Tirelessness? I don't know.. I'd probably catch some sleep later on the bus.

on the boat

It is not me to talk to strangers. But that night in the boat while waiting for it to sail from Cebu City was different. I was at the top deck looking over the city and waiting. He first commented on how late the boat left, then he started relating about his story. I didn't even believed him at first when he said that he is only 18 years old, he looks older and even speaks maturely. He was staying with his uncle in Manila before he ran away to Butuan City, to be united with the rest of his family. He was only 14 years old when he arrived at Manila and worked and became independent. His coming home to Butuan City would mean he has to find a new job or continue with his schooling. He is a smart guy, he belonged to a top section in their high school, he said. I don't know what he had in mind when He let me talk to him. I hope I did encouraged him to continue with his studies.

One thing I've learned with our conversation though is that; things aren't what they seem to be at times. We may stare blankly at the horizon but somewhere in it, a scenery could catch our interest.