as kids say it - sep 20

I was reviewing my tutee with her Civics quiz tomorrow about the national symbols. As I was casually reviewing her knowledge on the symbols, I encourage her to ask questions. I was sharing to her that Dr. Jose Rizal fought the Spaniards with his pen, he wrote 2 books that then started the revolution.

Tutee: What does the 8 rays of the sun mean teacher?
Teacher: The rays represent the 8 cities that fought the Spaniards during the war. Meaning, we were like prisoners for a while.
Tutee: Huh?? I never remembered being in prison when I was young.

Right one there girl.

as kids say it - aug 15

I was reviewing my kids with their sight words. I have a bunch of printed sight words in a cue card to my perusal. I come to the card of 'must' when my routine was interrupted by one of my kids.

Ada: That is like the church close to our house.

It stopped me for a while. I thought, it must be the school (Mindanao University of Science and Technology). On the second thought, this kid lived nowhere near that school and she is using the word church not a school. Then, it occurred to be. This kid is referring to a MOSQUE. Good thinking.

as kids say it - jul 27

We were taking up 'Go, Grow, Glow Foods' in connection with the Nutrition Month celebration.

T: Where does Mango belong in our 'Go, Grow, Glow' Chart?
Kids: Glow.

T: Where does Spaghetti belong in our 'Go, Grow, Glow' Chart?
Aaron: Jollibee.

Nice one.

as kids say it - feb 14

One of my preschooler's mother texted me this when we declared a NO CLASS last February 14 since we had a school activity last February 12, a Saturday.

Mother: Huh?? Ivy told me there's no class since its a valentines day.

Mother: That's why I did not believe her since her yaya told me so otherwise.

as kids say it - feb 18

This were the kids' responses when I let them guess on the names of places.

Teacher: This place starts with letter C, where you go every Sunday.
Kids: Car, Cebu (Every Sunday to Cebu? That would be nice.)
Teacher: This place starts with letter H, where you go to everyday and stay.
Kids: Hotel. (Wow, nice home.)
Teacher: This place starts with letter P, where you could have a picnic, run around, play with friends and family, maybe have balloons and anything else.
Kids: Pizza. (Now the pizza is made into a place.)
Teacher: This place starts with letter M, where you go to watch movies.
Kids: Market. (Ohh??)
Teacher: This place starts with letter B, where you go to when you want your hair cut.
Kids: Beach. (Huh?? Beaches now has barbershops? Maybe they always to go Bora.)
Teacher: This place starts with letter O, where your mommies and daddies go to work.
Kids: Ocean. (Wow, they have parents who are oceanographers and maybe marine biologists.)
This one is nice.
Teacher: This place starts with letter L, where you can find lots of books.
Kids: National Bookstore.

as kids say it - feb 3

The class was on Community Workers and I was letting them guess/answer some of the workers we know.

Teacher: Who builds our houses?
Pax: Architor (Architect)
Teacher: Starts with the sound /k/.
Pax: Cat.

Teacher: Who wants to be a soldier?
Some kids: Me.

Teacher: What do you do when you work is a pilot?
Kids: Be dead, because of the war.

as kids say it - feb 2

These are sentences made by my kids using "My, Your, I am and You are".

My toy is new.
My food is healthy.
Your toy is new.
Your toy is in the box.
I am 6 years old.
I am a friend.
You are eating.
You are a swimmer.

Getting there. Brilliant kids.

as kids say it - jan 31

I was hyping up my student for his quarterly oral exam.

Teacher: You are going to have an oral exam. Do you know what an exam is?
Newel: Yes.
Teacher: So what is an exam for you?
Newel: Like this.

He was correct.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Choy-choy reads.
"Black Sea. Red Sea. Do seas have colors?"

as kids say it - jan 26

The class were taking up the use of 'My - Your'.

Ivy: The glass is yours.
Teacher: use your, not yours.
Ivy: The glass is your.

Hehe.. Oh well..

as kids say it - jan 6

Sentence construction.

I showed my kids cues of words they will read. This time, instead of just letting them read, I asked them to make a sentence with the word in it. Here are their sentences with the word in italized letters.

The can is in the trash can.
Can you tell somebody?
Your hair is long.
He is in.
She is a girl.
Are you a doll/car?
I like some cookies.
If I go outside, I can play.
Be my friend.
You are my friend.
The boy is good.
That's a nice day.
I'm up at the roof.
I run at the Milo.
I am sitting down.
I like to eat.
My brother is in the school.
No, do not go out.
is good.
We are friends.
They are friends.
This is right.
There are 3 mouse.
This is a good day.
God is good.
Listen to teacher.
I am walking
Talk to God.
I am standing.
I am drinking.
Please go out.
My bed is very big.
Only me to tie my shoes.
This frog is from the pond.
The world is nice.
I must get my paper.
The frog have a house.
That is my frog.
This is my friend.
My father is in the hotel.
My brother is in the school.
My mother is fetching me.
I am home.
I like to play.
What is my pet?
Read a book.
I want to play.
I have a family.
Make a tower.
I sing a song.
I pick up my toys.

Amusing, as they are.